Sunday, September 6, 2020

"Off Kilter"

These photos show one of Cynthia Catlin's latest fiber art creations called "Off Kilter":

"Off Kilter" front



This is how Cynthia describes it:

My objective with this project was to give myself permission to play and disappear in the zone of creativity during the global pandemic. I started this idea with the intention to utilize my collection of African fabrics. Intuitively, I allowed the colors and prints to speak as I picked them up and I sewed them together. I attempted to get out of my own way and just play. With no time constraints and no deadline, I pieced for several days, then I studied the results. I eliminated a few and tried a new found tilted block layout. During the observation and reflection time I hesitated but I kept believing and working and the ideas soon followed. This process was pure freedom that comes from no preconceived ideas about the final product. It was calming, cathartic and a pleasant diversion from the nation’s unrest.