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Artist Statement:

I am a published mixed media fiber artist residing in Orange County, California. USA
My passion for art started over 30 years ago with hand embroidery along with painting on canvas, cloth, and wood. 
My Work is unique and involves the fine art of painting on fabric and the art of quilting; I love to portray scenes and people in my life from my memories. Starting with a blank canvas of cotton, silk, or linen, I dye or hand paint the fabric to get the background desired utilizing acrylic and or oil based paints. My designs include a wide variety of threads and paints to end up with unique, pictorial pieces of art.

My work has been exhibited in many prestigious art venues including Lower Town Art District in Paducah Kentucky, International Quilt Festival World of Beauty-Houston Texas 2007/2009, and International Quilt
Festival-Long Beach Ca.
Teresa L. Shippy


Groovy Love

Jazz Singer

Knowing Roy

Love Bug with Fringe Benefits

Rollin' Dice


Understanding Juliet

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