Eileen Wintemute


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Artist Statement:

I have enjoyed creating things with fabric for longer than I can remember. My Mother tells me she taught me to make clothes for my dolls when I was a very young child. I have no memory of this, but it was apparently the beginning of a life long passion for me. Once I got out of college and began my career as an engineer, I had very little time for outside interests. That was when I decided to use my limited time to create something with more lasting value than clothing, and turned to quilting.

Although most of my first quilts were traditional, I always had a desire to create original works.  I incorporated original themes in my quilts early on, long before my skills caught up with my ideas. In addition to being a fiber artist, I am also a watercolor and oil painting artist. Painting on fabric is a common technique I use in quilt making, or I may use one of my watercolor or oil paintings as the basis for a fiber art quilt.

Natural subjects are my favorite, and I am often inspired by something I have seen in a garden or other outdoor setting. Another hobby, fly fishing, allows me to spend time in the beautiful locations that fish call home.  Nature in a variety of forms can be observed while standing in the quiet solitude of a river. I am also drawn to the warmth and earthiness of pottery, in particular, pitchers and vases. Combining something from nature with a pottery piece from my collection is a favorite subject for my still-life settings.

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