jo p. griffith

jo griffith
Fiber art, Mixed water media and collage
Beyond the EDGE 

Artist’s Statement:

I have been creating art since acquiring my first box of crayons and my art has been evolving ever since.  I seem to be an eternal student and the more art I produce, the more my art changes.  Because of this, my art has traversed most of the fiber arts, almost all arts involving water media and 3-D constructions.  I am firmly rooted in all of the technical aspects of whatever media I am involved in and because of that, am very much aware that the journey is the objective.  My professional life has taken many paths and after more than 35 years as a Scientific Illustrator, I am now in partial retirement and able to spend considerably more time on my own art.  Surprisingly, science seems to be finding it’s way back into my personal art on a regular basis.



Sweet Chariot

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