Laura Bisagna

Artist Statement

I’m inspired by the idea that all art that exists began as a simple thought in someone’s mind.  I’m fascinated by the mystery of what gives rise to these thoughts and what motivates creativity.  I find inspiration all around me all of the time, even while sleeping.   At times my mind is so flooded with design images, it becomes overwhelming.  In order to rein in the chaos and eventually bring my thoughts into form, I currently design most of my work for art exhibits with specific challenges and themes.  I find that working within specified boundaries allows me to focus my ideas into clear and concise design solutions.  
The mood and subject matter of my work varies.  For the most part, I try to avoid literal representations.   Ultimately, my goal is to interpret each theme from a perspective that will surprise the viewer.   If a piece manages to be thought-provoking or elicits an emotional response, that’s all the better.

My artistic style seems to be developing toward a minimalist approach.  I like to combine clean lines with contemporary design in the hopes of creating work that has dramatic visual impact and strong editorial appeal.  

One Cat, Two Cat

"One Cat, Two Cat" was inspired by the notion that things aren’t always as they seem and how perspective can change everything.  I had been feeding a stray gray cat for weeks and I would watch him finish his food and walk away behind the house only to return again just a few minutes later.  This happened day after day.  I couldn’t figure out why he was eating so much before walking off and then coming right back.  Finally, one day my husband came home and said, “You know that gray cat you’ve been feeding? Well, there are actually two!”


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