Monday, October 6, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop!

Well it’s Beyond the Edge Fiber Artist’s turn to participate in the Around the World Blog Hop. We were invited by Eileen Wintemute, and you can see her blog by clicking on this link:

Eileen is a member of Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists. Other artists in the group are: Linda Anderson, Madeleine Bajracharya, Laura Bisagna, Mia Bloom, Cynthia Catlin, Linda Friedman, jo p. Griffith, Mary Beth Kile, and Teresa Shippy. You can learn more about the artists in this group by clicking on the artists name in the list to the right.

Beyond the Edge is an invitational group of artists with a passion for incorporating fiber in our creative works. Our artistry is expressed through a wide spectrum of styles, techniques and materials, hence the name, “Beyond the Edge”.

We have two exhibits that are traveling to various venues at this time. One exhibit, “Fiber Perceptions” was at the Palm Springs Oasis show this weekend. It will be at Mancuso’s Quiltfest shows in New England (August 2015) and Pennsylvania (September 2015).

Our other exhibit is called “My Inner Self Portrait”. We are using this exhibit to showcase the artists in our group and provide a glimpse into what makes us tick. This exhibit will debut at Road to California in January 2015, and then on to other Mancuso east coast shows. We will post on this blog the venues as it gets closer to the show dates.

We have other exhibits in the creative process right now which we will show next year. We post regularly on this blog about our exhibits and other news about the artists. If you sign up to follow the blog by email you will get notices.

We hope you enjoy our work.  I invite any member of the Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists to continue with the blog hop by posting next week to their blogs.

Thanks for visiting our blog!

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