Wednesday, August 24, 2016

We're Working On A New Exhibit!

Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists is proud to announce that a new exhibit will be available beginning January, 2017. The exhibit is entitled "Put A Bird On It!". We're not showing any completed pieces until the exhibit debuts at the 2017 Road to California show. In the meantime, we're presenting some other fiber arts we have been working on. Here is a piece by Linda Friedman:

 "Feathers" by Linda Friedman

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Two Weeks Left!

Detail of "My Inner Self-Portrait" piece, by Eileen Wintemute

Beyond the Edge's two exhibits, "Shaped by Fiber III" and "My Inner Self-Portrait", will be on display for another two weeks at the Cerritos Library. Don't miss the opportunity to see these fiber art pieces!

Beading Detail, work by Cynthia Catlin

The library is located at 18025 Bloomfield Ave. in Cerritos, California. You can contact the library for more information at 562-916-1350.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Teresa Shippy's Cool Classic Rides 2

Teresa Shippy's Cool Classic Rides 2 will be on display in August at "World Quilt New England". Here is a link for more information World Quilt New England.

Teresa Shippy's Cool Classic Rides II

Monday, July 4, 2016

Rolodex Project on Display

Mia Bloom's Rolodex Project is on display in our "Shaped by Fiber III" exhibit at the Cerritos Library. The library is located at 18025 Bloomfield Avenue in Cerritos, CA (562-916-1350).

Mia Bloom Rolodex Project

Monday, June 13, 2016

Two Exhibits Beginning Soon!

"Natural Growth" by Cynthia Catlin showing in Shaped by Fiber IIII
Beyond The Edge Fiber Artists have two exhibits, “My Inner Self-Portrait” and “Shaped by Fiber III”, on display this summer at the Cerritos Library in Cerritos, California.  The exhibits will begin on July 1 and run through the end of August, 2016. The library is located at 18025 Bloomfield Ave. in Cerritos, California. You can contact the library for more information at 562-916-1350. The exhibits are described below. We hope you have a chance to see them and the lovely Cerritos library.

My Inner Self-Portrait
A fine arts fiber exhibit exploring aspects of self-portraiture. In this exhibit the artist was asked to look beyond the mere physical and instead present an inner view. The art work may reflect how the artist sees themselves at this time, or at a formative moment in their life. Each piece reveals something unique to the individual and at the same time, that which is universal to all.

Shaped by Fiber III
Shaped by Fiber III is an exhibit featuring fiber art that goes beyond two dimensional wall hangings. The works shown in this exhibit include three dimensional forms, vessels, mounted fiber art, and hanging pieces. This stunning exhibit shows numerous ways that fibers can be sculpted to create spectacular artworks. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Linda Friedman's "Speaking Out" in "Pulse" exhibit

Congratulations, Linda Friedman! Her artwork, "Speaking Out" has been juried into the Pulse exhibit at the Fuller Lodge Art Center in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The show will run from June 17 through July 30.

Her submission is in response to their call for entry which read, as follows:
“Examine the concept of rhythm and take time to tune into the cadence of the world around you.  Adjust the tempo as you see fit and sculpt, sketch, stipple or paint along to your own beat.  Pick a song that inspires you and we’ll share it with the world through a phone app.”
Her work was inspired by Pharrell Williams’ song, “Freedom” that was first released in 2015.
"Speaking Out" by Linda Friedman

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

jo p. griffith juried into SAQA's "Concrete and Grasslands"

Congratulations to jo p. griffith! Her art quilt titled "Route 56 IN LIMBO" was juried into  SAQA's Concrete and Grassland exhibit. The exhibit will premier in June 2016 at the Grant's Pass Museum of Art in Grant's Pass, Oregon.

The reception for Concrete and Grasslands at the Grants Pass Museum of Art will be held June 3, 2016 from 6-9 PM (PDT).  For the location, hours and address of the museum, go to  The exhibit is open from June 1st for viewing and it will remain in Grants Pass through the end of July.

"Route 56 IN LIMBO" by jo p. griffith