Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Boundless" exhibit at the Cerritos Library

“Boundless” exhibit will premiere at the Cerritos Library in August and September 2015. Each member was given an 18” x 36” stretched canvas to use as the base of their artwork. They were allowed to have their artwork go outside the boundary of the canvas. In the following weeks, detailed images from each member’s artwork will be featured on this blog.

Today's feature artist is Linda Friedman. She created two pieces for this exhibit.

"Contemplation" - Piecing, fabric paint, hand applique, stenciling, gold foiling of hand-sculpted felt leaves, and machine quilting were used to create my representation of an idyllic state of being.  
detail of "Contemplation" by Linda Friedman

“Royal Guardian”– Close-up of hand painted, machine appliqued, thread painted and beaded peacock using 100% cotton fabric, Setacolor fabric paints, and stitched with Floriani polyester and Superior glitter and metallic threads.

detail of "Royal Guardian" by Linda Friedman

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